ODYSSEE Model Reduction (LUNAR)

Real-Time Parametric Design and Optimization

Product Overview

ODYSSEE Model Reduction> includes LUNAR, QUASAR, NOVA modules combining efficient Pre/Post, AI engine and Optimization engine. It is dedicated to parametric, mode-based design and optimization. For short, we also refer to this product as “LUNAR”.

  • It uses past experiences (simulation) to predict new responses in real time based on existing Design of Experiments (DOE).
  • Possibility to generate or improve DOE.
  • Exploit few selected points (small DOE) and good spatial distribution.
  • May replace repetitive simulations (hours) versus Model Reduction (seconds)
  • It provides all results the solution, full time histories and rebuilds animations based on existing FE animations.
  • Possibility to use the Parser (for LS-DYNA or NASTRAN) to generate automatically the simulations corresponding to the DOE.
  • ODYSSEE is configurable to support the customer processes and methods (via QUASAR scripting language)

Why Lunar ?

Digital Twin
Digital Twin (Real time with Lunar)
Avantages: Real time computing
Embedded applications
Gain precision
Full time histories
Few sampling points
Coupling with FE solvers (LS-DYNA, Nastran, …)

LUNAR : real-time simulations in few clicks

Real-Time temporal response

Real-Time population analysis

Parameters optimization

Parameters sensitivity analysis

Real-time animations

LUNAR : case studies

Case studies

with LS-DYNA

Case studies

with MSC


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