Next events

26-28 MAR. 2019, Salon SIFER -  Grand Palais - Lille

Visit the CADLM booth at 1-430 B (Ile de France space)

17-18 APR. 2019, MSC Conférence Digital Days, Gif-sur-Yvette, France - inscription -
2 papers presented:
Intelligence artificial application case in automotive industry, by Kambiz Kayvantash, Cadlm CEO
Intelligence artificial application case in Aerospace industry, by Kambiz Kayvantash, Cadlm CEO

14-16 MAY 2019, 12th European LS-DYNA Conference, Koblenz, Germany

1-5 SEP. 2019, Congrès EUROMAT 2019 - Stockholm Sweden
CADLM is co-organized the Advanced Materials for Transport Applications session - more information -

Old Events

28 JAN. 2019, ACID project proposed by CADLM has been accepted by MMT (Man Machine Teaming) - More information here -
14-15 NOV. 2018, conference Nafem France, Paris - Technical Papers : 
"Reduced active models of human bodies for complex, time-Dependent and multi-physics analysis" Dr. Dorian Salin (CADLM), IFSTTAR
"Reduced Entropy based robust optimization and its application in crash" - L. Genest (PSA), K. Kayvantash (CADLM) et C. Bastien (U. of Coventry)
"Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining Applied to ARIANE 5 Flights Recordings"Bernard Troclet/ Stéphane Muller/Kambiz Kayvantash Ariane Group -CADLM
15-17 OCT. 2018German LS-DYNA Forum 2018, Bamberg Germany
Technical Paper : "Model Reduction Techniques for On-board and Parametric Crash and Safety Simulations" Dr. Kambiz Kayvantash 
19 OCT. 2018conférence HUMAN MODELING AND SIMULATION in automotive engineering, organisée par CARHS, Berlin Germany
Technical Paper :   "Reduced Models of Human Bodies for Complex Time Dependent and Multi-physics Analysis" Dr. Kambiz Kayvantash 
1 OCT. 2018 - CADLM announces the official release of Quasar Online, a machine learning solution in SaaS mode, for quick and easy access to data analysis and prediction, based on various existing and innovative techniques
June 18-19th 2018 CADLM co-organizes the 5 th  SIMBIO-M conference in Paris focus to the Biomechanics and Biomedical engineering.
May 23rd 2017, CADLM will participate to the SPRING innovation event
Mar.27th - 30th 2017, come to discover ODYSSEE and SolidThinking products in the Midest show at Paris Nord Villepinte. 
DEC 6th 2017,Presentation CADLM-Ariane Group "Artificial Intelligence & Data Mining Applied to Ariane 5 flights Recordings" (Bernard Troclet, Stéphane Muller - Ariane Group & Kambiz Kayvantash - CADLM) during the event "Big Data & Structures : Which perspectives and which openings ?" organised by 3AF and Onera - Chatillon
NOV. 23rd 2017, CADLM will participe to the NAFEMS seminar "SPDM-Simulation Product Data Management". Discover ODYSSEE on our booth
NOV. 15th 2017, CADLM will participe to the SIA event "Innovative methods for the massive processing of simulation results"
SEPT. 18th, CADLM anounces the new release of Lunar v2.0.0
SEPT. 17th-22th 2017, CADLM will participate at the organisation of EUROMAT 2017 conference covering the full width of materials science and technology.
MAI 30th 2017CADLM will participe to the NAFEMS seminar in France about optimization and simulation.
APRIL 1st 2017, CADLM moves to Wissous (91320).
MAR. 15th, Kambiz kayvantash's presentation at the french event "Congrès Simulation" for the Optimization session.
JUNE 20 & 21st 2016, CADLM co-organizes the 4 th  SIMBIO-M conference in Paris focus to the biomechanical and numerical.

NOV. 15th 2015, CADLM is a new resealer of Click2Cast, a software about the feasibility of the cast.
JUNE 9th 2015, the newpapers online publishes an article about ODYSSEE.
APR. 2015, official release of the industrial version of ODYSSEE.
JUNE26th 2014,presentation of the new version topological optimization software: Inspire 2014.
APR. 22nd 2014, CADLM becomes new resealer of Inspire soft from Solid Thinking editor.
DEC. 17th 2013, the end of Europeen Ecoshell Project.
JUL. 01th 2013, Professeur Kambiz Kayvantash, new CADLM owner 
APR. 23th 2013, written by Dirk Lehmhus, Matthias Busse, Axel S. Herrmann, Kambiz Kayvantash.