ODYSSEE, is an innovative platform with a rapid ROI, allowing to build specific skill tools involving industrial data analysis. Available in modules, it allows to adapt easily to your needs. CADLM commercializes the platform and also offers studies and applications around its modules

"ODYSSEE was introduced to Advanced CAE Division at Toyota Motor Corporation on October, 2016."  Toyota Motor Corporation 

"ODYSSEE's Artificial Intelligence Solutions Open Up New Perspectives in Ariane 5 Flight Data Analysis" B. Troclet, Senior Expert in Structural Analysis, ARIANE Group

"With ODYSSEE as computing core behind the opta data Web service for health care analytics, we have a powerful platform in order to analyze huge amount of data with real time performance." A. Fischer, CEO of opta data Group

“The combination of real data and ODYSSEE ’s learning capacities has been an important step for the adaptation and permanent improvement of our crash test facilities". P. Leman, laboratory director Dorel Europe

Application examples:

  • System complexity identification and control;
  • Predicting behavior in real-time ;
  • Time saving in optimization and/or automation of industrial processes;
  • Integrated solutions for on-board computing;
  • Decision support;
  • Improve correlations experiments / calculation; ...