2015 - 2018, french project: RiD 

RiD (Risk, intelligence and Decision) is an innovative solution to reconcile the economic and financial visions (uncertain) with the accounting requirements of complex projects. A publication "Complexity management proposals for construction projects" written by Francis CLAUDE,  Planète Ronde Services CEO, Kambiz KAYVANTASH, CADLM Scientific Director, Christophe GOBIN, Vinci Construction France Director of Research close the project. More information about publication here.

2014-2016, french project:  MECASIF

This project is concerned with generation and installation of reduced models in industrial environments, representing nonlinear hypervelocity impacts on nuclear or other high security buildings. These fast and embedded models may replace heavy explicit time integration models and be used as embedded replacements for virtual reality type simulations. 

2013 - 2015, french project: CARAB

Development and validation of a set of methods and tools based on real and virtual testing and returning a reliability indicator, allowing optimizing bolted aerospace products. CADLM developed special software for automated evaluation of simulation models quality.

2012 - 2014, french project: Angel  

Learning processes for aerospace (automatic estimate). CADLM developed an innovative solution for “inverse process identification” and “fast quotation” for machining applications. 

2011-2013, european project: EcoShell 

Designing an urban electric vehicle of category L7e with a bio-composite chassis. CADLM was responsible for crash, safety and weight optimization of the vehicle.

2011 - 2013, french project: EXPAMTION

2009 - 2010, french project: O2M

O2M establishes a new generation of interactive tools for the design of mechatronic products, especially for automotive applications. All levels of the process are discussed: "pre-design" integrated design, multi-physics simulation and validation.