Complexity management proposals for construction projects

Planète Ronde Services - Francis CLAUDE,
Vinci Construction France - Christophe GOBIN

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CADLM - Kambiz Kayvantash

A new entropy based approach for injury assessment (Design, Optimization, Robustness)

CADLM - Kambiz Kayvantash, Sandrine Le Corre

Integration of Sensory and Motor Loops in a Finite Element Biomechanical Model for Movement Control Application

LBA, IFSTTAR, Aix-Marseille Université, Marseille, France - M. Behr, P.J. Arnoux
CADLM, Massy, France -
D. Salin, K. Kayvantash

Fast, parametric, reduced models for biomechanics design applications

CADLM - Kambiz Kayvantash, Sandrine Le Corre, Amadou-Tidiane Thiam, Dorian Salin

June SIMBIO-M 2016

Finite Element Human Computer Models in Vehicle Safety Applications

1. Coventry University, 2. IFSTTAR, 3. CADLM, 4. Automotive Safety Technology

12th Annual UK Oasys LS-DYNA Users' Meeting - Thursday January 22nd, 2015

The scientific journal Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering publish the article "Implementation of reflex loops in a biomechanical finite element model" co written by Dorian Salin, in phd C.I.F.R.E. with CADLM.

The newpapers online publishes an article about ODYSSEE.



Poster presented at the 38th congress french biomechanical society at Marseille in 2013, "State of the art research in reactive human models for passive and active automotive safety : A review and perspective" by Dorian SALIN (PHD, C.I.F.R.E. GRANT, Fouding CADLM), Michel Behr (L.B.A.), Pierre-Jean Arnoux (L.B.A.) and Kambiz Kayvantash (CADLM director).

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