Healthcare with ODYSSEE

"With ODYSSEE as computing core behind the opta data Webservice for health care analytics, we have a powerful platform in order to analyze huge amount of data with real time performance."

A. Fischer, CEO of opta data Group

"The accurate and representative anatomical details provided by the model offer new perspectives of simulation."

M. Noel, INRS

Expertise: (flyer)

  • Anatomic geometries acquisition;
  • Biomechanical models on demand, Model customization;
  • Human model/segment model/organ model with passive and active (reflex) muscles, abling to learn according its environment;
  • Mass reduction (devices);
  • Mechanical and fatigue similations on prosthesis, orthesis, heart valves, pacemakers, etc.;
  • Complex materials as organs, muscles, ligaments ... (material law implementation in FE software; parameters identification, ...); 
  • Models optimization, robustness and reliability;
  • Industrial data analysis ...

Application examples with ODYSSEE:

  • Virtual prototyping;
  • Risk evaluation of manufacturing fault ...
  • Market Studies (insurance, medicine);
  • Reduced models in electronics systems (eg. alarm when abnormal situation detected - hospitalization at home); ...