Healthcare with ODYSSEE


"With ODYSSEE as computing core behind the opta data Webservice for health care analytics, we have a powerful platform in order to analyze huge amount of data with real time performance." 

A. Fischer, CEO of opta data Group


  • Anatomic geometries acquisition;
  • Biomechanical models on demand, Model customization;
  • Human model/segment model/organ model with passive and active (reflex) muscles, abling to learn according its environment;
  • Mass reduction (devices);
  • Mechanical and fatigue similations on prosthesis, orthesis, heart valves, pacemakers, etc.;
  • Complex materials as organs, muscles, ligaments ... (material law implementation in FE software; parameters identification, ...); 
  • Models optimization, robustness and reliability;
  • Industrial data analysis ...

Application examples with ODYSSEE:

  • Virtual prototyping;
  • Risk evaluation of manufacturing fault ...
  • Market Studies (insurance, medicine);
  • Reduced models in electronics systems (eg. alarm when abnormal situation detected - hospitalization at home); ...