" ODYSSEE Artificial Intelligence solutions offer new perspectives for the analysis and exploitation of Ariane 5 flight data"

B. Troclet, Senior expert in Structural Analysis, Airbus Safran Launchers 

Expertises :

  • Structure lightening;
  • Bird impact, crash, passive and active safety simulations;
  • Complex materials modeling (composites, recyclable composite …) and assemblies (bolts);
  • High velocity impacts, explosion, etc.;
  • Manufacturing (extrusion, casting, stamping, 3D printing, injection);
  • Valid human model for military applications;
  • Models optimization, robustness and reliability;
  • Industrial data analysis; ...

Application examples with ODYSSEE:

  Modeling / Optimization
  • Optimization of a machining production line (eg. research project);
  • Manufacturing fault analysis and detection on a casting production line; ...

  Big Data
  • Flight data analysis;
  • Exploiting data from different sources and different flights to understand the phenomena;
  • Health monitoring (predictive maintenance); ...