Consumer goods with ODYSSEE


“Combining real data with ODYSSEE learning capabilities has been a great step in permanent adaptation of our testing environment” .
P. Leman, Lab Director, Dorel Europe

Expertises :

  • Mechanical, impact, fatigue, thermal simualtions on consumer goods (child safety seats, furnitures, mobile, sport articles, ...);
  • Thermal and thermo-mechanical simulation (electronic cards, ...);
  • Manufacturing (extrusion, casting, stamping, 3D printing, injection);
  • Complex materials modeling (rubber, plastics, composite, recyclable composite, ...);
  • Human model/segment model/organ model with passive and active (reflex) muscles, abling to learn according its environment;
  • Models optimization, robustness and reliability;
  • Industrial data analysis; ...

Application examples with ODYSSEE


  Manufacturing/ Experiments
  • Fault prevention;
  • Production chain management;
  • Optimization of production line/experimental rig;

  Big Data
  • Data analysis from tests and simulation to understand the faults sources;
  • Analyze consumer behavior and products sales to rationalize an offer or adapt it to the market (eg. kitchen, sport articles ...); ...

  Modelization / Optimization
  • Light-weighting and optimization (eg. seat, tools, lightening and optimization of a structure (ex: seat, toos, strollers...);
  • Automate and optimization of FE model processus (eg: RADIOSS, LS-DYNA, ABAQUS …);
  • Model reliability with few calculations; ...