" ODYSSEE was introduced to Advanced CAE Division at Toyota Motor Corporation on October, 2016." , Toyota Motor Corporation

Expertises :

  • Structure lightening ;
  • Crash and safety (active and passive) simulation ;
  • Complex materials modelling (rubber, plastic, composite, recyclable composite, ....) ;
  • Thermal simulation, internal and external flow simulation (ventilation, aerodynamic) ; 
  • Manufacturing (extrusion, casting, stamping, 3D printing, injection) ;
  • Models optimization, robustness and reliability ;
  • Industrial data analysis ; 
  • ...

Application examples with ODYSSEE :

  Modeling / Optimization

  • Optimization of test rig adjustments (eg. catapult)
  • Understanding faults sources for a piece manufacturing  or assemblies (welding, glue, connects, cables ...) using data from experiments, simulation and expertise ; 
  • Faults risk detection in real time on production line ; ...

  Autonomous vehicle
  • Use reduced model in the onboard electronics to adapt the deployment of aibags or other safety systems according to the morphology of the impacted person  
  • Risks evaluation in real time in the autonomous vehicle (embedded)  ; ...
  Accidentology / Biomechanics