Model Reduction (ROM)
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Quasar Online is a machine learning solution in SaaS mode, for quick and easy access to data analysis and prediction, based on various existing and innovative techniques. This online tool allows you to structure your data, analyze it for better understanding and exploitation, and eventually predict behaviors in real-time. Our goal is to allow access to our technologies in data analysis, prediction and model reduction for various user groups (student, PhD student, researcher, individuals, SME, ETI, etc. ...), everywhere, without software accessibility issues and at a lower cost. Discover, try Quasar Online!

Quasar Online integrates the potential of the Quasar analysis engine of CADLM's ODYSSEE software platform (Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise), with which the user can quickly and inexpensively explore business applications and industrial products, to analyse the behavior of a complex system (industrial process, experiments, production, finite element models and other simulation methods ...) in order to predict, optimize or improve performances.