Real-Time temporal response

Real-Time population analysis

Parameters optimization

Parameters sensitivity analysis

Real-time animations

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Lunar V2.1 is a ODYSSEE plateform module (Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise) proposed in « ODYSSEE Model Reduction Package » and « ODYSSEE Full Package ». LUNAR is a new software powered by its AI engine ODYSSEE for on-board computing and design. This solution, based on fusion techniques and Model Order Reduction algorithms (ROM) is a world premiere for conducting real-time parametric crash and safety simulations. LUNAR is a complete rupture compared to the previous existing : requiring Design Of Experiments type output (DOE) to generate results (temporal curves and animations) in real time for new parameters sets tested.

Lunar V2.1's main applications are:

  • Optimization, Reliability / Robustness
  • On-board computing, real time modeling
  • Crash scene real-time prediction
  • Fusion models based on combined experimental and numerical data base
  • Web-based crash/safety parametric studies
  • Population studies
  • Ergonomics (Passive, Active, Reflex, Learning)
  • Encapsulations of FE models

Apart from Automotive Crash and Safety, many other industrial domains are concerned such as Healthcare, Aerospace, Defense, Biomedical, Consumer products, Manufacturing, Civil Engineering, Energy, Automotive, ... since the CADLM’s innovative real-time technology may be easily employed for encapsulation of any FE simulation model used for decision support systems.